Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas has come and gone and I can now post all the things I made.
So here we go:

These are the gifts for Abby's teacher and day care teachers. I made water bottle holders. The one with Abby's hand print is the one for Mrs. Beaton, JK teacher extraordinare!

These are the gifts for all the little girls in our lives. I thought little girly bags to carry all their stuff would hit the right tune for the pink contingent in our life.

The messenger bag I made as a request from my cousin and I had enough of the material left over to make her daughter a matching girly bag. Mother and daughter shall be very stylish indeed.

This is the bag I made for my mother in law to carry her work out clothes and for her vacation this winter. Just a tote made from this fantastic home decor fabric I found. I have enough to make about 4 of these!

This bag I made for my mother. It's the Amy Butler Birdie Sling. Its for their adventures this year from Singapore to Dubai on a fantastic cruise!

This is the bag I made for sister. I thought a good messenger bag would work well for her!

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