Friday, June 10, 2011

Last Day of School–Rainbow Jello


Today is the last day of school, for both my girls.  Abby is now a first grader and Rowan is switching pre-schools.

Abby got off the bus this afternoon and was balling her eyes out.  After a huge hug she told me she was going to miss school and her friends and Ms. Bardin.  It was just the cutest thing.  I wish I could have filmed it because in a few more years it’ll be like pulling teeth to get her to go to school LOL. 

Rowan’s day started with waking up with one of her eyes was swollen shut due to a mosquito bite.  She’s fine but it looks so aweful.  After a quick trip to the dreaded doctors, she will survive.  However it’ll take the eye a couple days to return to it’s normal size. So in the meantime, she’s spending a lot of time in the sprinkler because in her words, it’ll make her eye feel better :)


So I wanted to give them a special treat and when I saw Glory’s rainbow jello at Glorious Treats I had to try it.  She makes it look so easy and it is, just a lot of time I didn’t take into account.  I’m not a jello person, I can’t stand the texture but my girls and Rob just love the stuff. 

I tried to use vanilla yogurt in between but the yogurt tasted funny and was melting the jello when I put it on top.  So quick change in plan and I just poured each colour on top of each other in a large glass measuring cup.


It’s not pretty but the girls are loving it!


Thanks Glory for a great idea and I will definitely have to try it again but give myself a lot more time!

Thanks for looking!  and let the summer begin :)

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  1. Your daughter's are adorable, even with that big ole swollen eye. Poor little Rowan and my heart broke reading about how sad Abby was to say goodbye to her classmates and teacher. This rainbow jello looks like the perfect treat for the last *hot* day of school and for helping big swollen eyes get all better! Enjoy the summer.

    P.S. I have a texture thing with some foods too...mushrooms being one of them LOL

  2. Sweet blog - nice meeting you. I am not a huge jello fan, but love key lime pie and yours looks great. I look forward to following for more!

  3. oh yum!! This looks great! Thanks for linking this up to savory sunday!!

  4. What a great idea. Such a fun mom.