Monday, July 18, 2011

Savory Monday–Sonoma Valley (The Girl & The Fig)

As we continue our journey in the bay area, we decided to take a trip to Sonoma Valley for the day.  For lunch we went to The Girl & The Fig, a lovely little restaurant on the main square.  This is a fan favourite of Catherine’s, so we decided to go back. 


This was my first trip to Sonoma, we went to Napa last time Rob and I took a day trip 3 years ago.  It is a beautiful little town and it was a beautiful day.  We finally found the heat too! It has been in the 60s since we got here and in Sonoma it was in the upper 70s.  It was just loverly :)

The Girl & The Fig (Country food restaurant with a French passion) was exactly that.  It’s in a beautiful old building and has an indoor and outdoor eating area.  We were seated outside to enjoy the weather.

I had the duck confit with ham hock lentils.  It was to die for, I don’t think I spoke while I inhaled it.  The waiter said of all the dishes, this one is a constant on the menu.


Rob and Catherine had the sirloin burger with matchstick fries and tarragon aioli.  The burgers were amazing and in Catherine’s words “the tarragon aioli was tasty tasty!”.


The only one thing that was a drawback, there wasn’t any really “kid friendly” dishes.  So we got the girls the cheese and fruit plate.  The adults really thought it was excellent and the kids did eat it, but probably wouldn’t have chosen it on their own.  The server was excellent and even got us some extra apples for the girls.  Now I wouldn’t say it’s a mark against the restaurant for not having kid food, because really Sonoma is more of an adult destination.  I mean it’s in wine country after all.


See, Abby doesn’t seem fussed at all :)


After lunch Catherine took the kids to the play park in the middle square and Rob and I walked over to the standard tourist town kitchen store.  The Sign of the Bear Kitchenware, where Rob saw bowls on his last visit that he almost bought me.  The bowls were gorgeous but it was the wall of cookie cutters that caught my eye.  Needless to say I picked up a few! 


Lot’s of fun stuff in this store and if Rob hadn’t have been with me, I’d have stayed a little longer :)

All in all, the trip to Sonoma was much fun.  We even took the kids to Train Town on the way home, which they adored!  I recommend both the establishments I visited above.  There are so many restaurants to go to in the main square in Sonoma, so just another reason to head back…and maybe go back and pick up a few more cookie cutters!

San Francisco-20110715-00327

I have to share this pic of the girls on the cable car in San Fran!  Having a blast!

Thanks for looking!

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