Monday, August 29, 2011

Savory Monday - BBQ Corn on the Cob, Indian style!


This is about the most simple way of making corn on the cob and in my opinion the best tasting!  My best friend introduced us to this method several years ago and now it’s the only way to make it.


You need corn on the cob, salt, cayenne pepper and lemons.

  1. BBQ corn with husks on.
  2. Mix salt and cayenne pepper (to your spice level).
  3. Slice lemons in half
  4. Husk corns.
  5. Take lemon and dip into salt and pepper mixture and rub on corn.
  6. Enjoy the corn, it is delish!

We’ve introduced so many of our friends to this way of eating corn and now most eat it this way at home.


Now you can too!

Thanks for looking


  1. This recipe sound fabulous. So easy and full of simple great flavors. LOVE the lemon!

  2. We've never done our corn on the BBQ and now that you have provided this lovely rub for it once it is done we just may give it a try. After all, if everyone you have shared this recipe with before us love it, well then it just has to be as delicious as it looks. Thank you!