Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Treat Day Wednesday–Today’s for me, Chocolate cookies!


So it’s the first treat day after Halloween and well, with the all the candy in the house, the girls aren’t interested in anything mum made.  So fine, I’ll bake something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  Lilaloa’s world famous “End-All for Chocolate Cookies”.

So for the recipe, head on over to her blog for this amazing recipe!



I love the chocolaty flavour and the delicate texture.  I’m sure if I decorated them, they would be great too, but I’m loving them naked.

Mixing it Up!

So then I took some already made sugar cookie dough that was in the fridge and I combined it with the chocolate and made “jelly” roll cookies.  These are pretty good too.  A little sweeter than the plain chocolate because the sugar cookie’s says it all…sugar.  Next time I’d make it with one sugar cookie to two chocolate layers for a little more chocolate umph!  I mean, there is never enough chocolate!


Really Mixing it Up!

And then finally I marbled the two doughs that were left over and just love the look.  There’s more chocolate in the mix and as stated above, there’s never ever enough chocolate!


Well if you were truly reading, you noticed I ate 3 cookies in a row.  I bring it to your attention because I don’t want anyone thinking any less of me.  I mean, you must taste test.  You don’t put up an untested recipe, do you????  I’m not going to lie, I ate 4 :)

But I’m not the only one who tested, look who I caught sneaking a cookie.  Love the innocence in her face, “who me?”


So I give these chocolate cookies two very big thumbs up!  Thanks Georgeanne you rock!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Still on my to-do list. Everyone else has loved it so far! Which is promising, but my recipe has coffee in it, and it's the only time I ever have coffee so I haven't tried a different recipe yet.
    Your cookies look great. Love the marbled effect

  2. Oh those look so yummy to combine the two doughs. GREAT idea. I think I'm going to have to add that to my to do wish list! Thanks Karen!

  3. They must be delicious if Rowan chose a cookie over candy! Sweet picture. Great job with combining the chocolate with the sugar cookies too. I'll have to try Lilaloa's her blog too by the way.

  4. I've made them several times already and they are delicious! I have a craving for one cookie right now.

  5. Those cookies are so good. Hers is my go-to recipe. I love your swirl and your marble ones. They look great!

  6. nom nom!! I love how they keep their buttery shape! Way to go.