Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Afternoon at Swank Cake Design


I had so much fun today (Sunday).  I got to spend the afternoon at Swank Cake Design learning how to make this fabulous gift box cake with the uber talented Wayne Steinkopf and Chuck Hamilton.

Let me digress a moment before I tell you about my day.  I first heard of Swank Cake Design back in Ottawa while watching TLC’s Fabulous Cakes where over the course of the hour show I watched Wayne build a life-sized deer head for a grooms cake.


I sat amazed.  I mean really, it’s pretty amazing!

Then a couple weeks ago I came across their Facebook page and noticed they had just listed their classes…CLASSES…YES PLEASE!!!

So now back to today.  I arrived at two, left at six and it was the best Christmas present ever! This was my gift from Rob and it’s even a present…how awesome it that!


Not bad huh??? Other than the powder on the underside of the bows, it’s pretty darn spiffy!

We laughed a lot, learned some awesome techniques that make total sense (now) and some fun tricks of the trade!  Wayne is so easy going and the atmosphere is so relaxed.  I now need to hit a home depot and a dollar store, oh and buy a pair of nylons. LOL!

The time flew by and I can’t wait to take another class.  I always wanted to learn how to make a bow and now I can.

While there, we got to check out some of the amazing display cake and these were my favourites!


Aren’t the shoes amazing! My sister-in-law owns a pair of the gold sparkle ones and told me she would totally buy the black ones to wear.  The green applique cake is a new class, that I so will be taking!

Thanks again to Wayne and Chuck of Swank Cake Design and if you live in the Raleigh, NC area you have got to check them out! 

Here is Wayne and I once finished!  Don’t I look so proud because I really and truly am :)


The cake came home and the girls promptly tried to take the bow apart.  We had some friends for drinks and cake and it was delicious!  I hated to cut it after working so hard on it but it’s a cake afterall and meant for eating.  Yup I even cheated and had a slice, now back on the no-sugar train :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a great present and awesome experience! Congrats and that cake looks awesome!

  2. Karen your cake is beautiful! What a fun class that was for you and you do look so thrilled with your project in the picture. Can't wait to see what you do at your next class!

    P.S. I would totally wear both of those shoes (O.K., maybe the heels would have to be a little lower for me)

  3. This is just STUNNING!!!!!!!!!! My jaw hurts from hitting the floor in awe. Cake Boss move over...there might some competition coming your way.....!

  4. Your cake is awesome. Rob gave you the perfect gift! It looks like you had fun. You did a beautiful job!!

  5. Wowweeee Karen! This is a gorgeous cake! You did amazing! Wow! I'm so uber impressed! Awesome job and love the photos!