Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cookies–Stain Glass Sugar Cookies


I posted these pictures on my Facebook page and several people asked how I did the stain glass, so I’m going to tell you.

It’s so simple.  Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make your favourite sugar cookie and cut out.  I just got the Wilton 40 Holiday cutter bucket of which there are 20 large and 20 mini cutters.  I got mine at Joann’s.


    Not all of the cutters work for this, so I chose the tree, star and wreath.
  2. Cut the bigger cookie and then cut the smaller one out of the middle of the bigger cookies.  Make sure the dough is really cold.  Warm dough makes this really tricky.

  3. Take Jolly Rancher hard candies (got mine at Target) and take the colour you want and place in Ziploc bag.  Smash with rolling pin, or whatever you got.

  4. Take smashed candies and place in small hole of cookies.

  5. Bake cookies as normal and completely cool on cookie sheet.  You want the Jolly Ranchers to be hardened before moving.

  6. Decorate the way you want and voila, stain glass cookies!

See I told you it was easy peasy!


Happy Holidays!


Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh they look great! My daughter made some a couple years back, they are really fun! I have to say I am a little jealous of the giant container of cookie cutters, I didnt even know it existed :)

  2. These are so pretty Karen. Love the pic of the girls. How lucky that they are able to be out in their shirt sleeves...wishing I was there LOL

  3. these make me so happy, I love stained glass cookies - my grandma who did stained glass would love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented. :)

  5. I bet these would be super fun with the kiddos! Thanks Karen! Love reading your blog!