Monday, January 30, 2012

Martha Monday–Buttered Rum Meltaways


I was intrigued by these cookies.  I’m not sure why, probably because butter is in the title.  I’m not a fan of rum unless it comes in one of those awesome rum cakes you get in Grand Caymen :) But alas I gave them a whirl. 

My goal with this series to was to try different cookies that I would not normally bake and this would be a classic example.  I give you Buttered Rum Meltaways on page 138

Easy/Hard:  Easy, I’ve yet to find one of her cookies that’s been difficult….yet!

Ingredient availability: We’ve always got rum, it’s Rob’s fav.  So if you don’t have a hubby like you’ll have to pick some up.

What I like about this cookie:   I’m not going to lie, not my favourite.  Sorry.  It’s a first in this series too.  I guess because I don’t like rum, that’s what I taste.  However they do have the texture of a shortbread, as there is no leavener in the dough.  There is a strong spice flavour too, I think I’d half the amount.

Baking experience: I like these type of cookies that you have to chill and slice.  Makes for much more uniform cookies.  They baked up quite nicely.

Taste:   Not my bag, sadly.  I had hoped they tasted more like a rum totty :)  i.e. more butter less rum flavour.  Rowan didn’t like them much either, she found the powdered sugar on the outside a bit too much.  The spices smell wonderful, but a bit too much for a cookie.


I never thought I’d find a cookie I didn’t like, especially from Martha.  But there was bound to be one!

They look good though!  I guess off to Rob’s work then :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. It's kind of sad when you make something you don't like, huh? But I give you props for going for something you weren't sure about! And for what it's worth, they look awesome!

  2. You are right, they do look wonderful. I'm sorry that they weren't a big hit in the house. I'm not a fan of all so I doubt that I would have even tried these. I give you credit for seeing a recipe and going for it even though there were ingredients in it that you didn't care for.

    I'm sure Rob's office will be happy to have these with their morning coffee ;)

  3. they do look great but I love the fact you are honest in your review. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to do something out of a book or magazine and it is a total friggin flop and I think to myself that there is NO FREAKING way this worked or tasted the way it looks like in the book/magazine! FARCE! HAAAA!

  4. Hahaha @tricia! Ditto what she said love the honest revie

  5. Butter Rum sounded really good. I even said ooh when I read your title. I thought of butter rum lifesavers. I don't like alcohol though, so I think I'd have to agree with your assessment of them. I'll let you be the guinea pig this time ;-) Thanks for the honest review and I'm sure you'll like the next thing you make. Hope you're feeling better from the flu bug you've had!