Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Alana!

Cake number two for our next door neighbour was delivered today for their oldest, Alana.  She turned 7 today.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

Alana is Abby’s best bud and when they are home they are attached at the hip.  They are like sisters in that they love and hate each other at the same time.  They fight over the smallest details and then 10 minutes later are back to besties again.

So when it came time for requesting her cake, Alana went into deep negotiations.  You would never have known she was only 7.  She knew exactly what she wanted and, to be honest, not so much about what the cake looked like, it was what was “on” the cake that she was very specific about.  You see, her brother’s cake was a Mickey Mouse cake and had figurines on it.  Rowan’s birthday cake was Rapunzel’s Tower with figurines on it, so when Alana was asking for her cake she too wanted figurines. Alana wanted Jasmine from Alladin.  She was too funny.  “What kind of characters would I be using?” she asked.  She didn’t want to offend me but wanted to know if I was going to be making her figurines or if I would be buying, like the others. I knew by her tone what she meant and what she wanted, it was too cute and to be honest I was a-ok with not having to make Jasmine. So off to the Disney store I went!

This is what I made:


The pictures aren’t great b/c it was raining out.


It was a little humid, so there was a bit of puckering, that I only saw, so all in all it was a big hit!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Miss Alana knows her mind that's for sure. How cute and what a nice job you did on her cake. No doubt she was thrilled with it. Love the carpet for Jasmine and the bow on the side.

  2. Stunning looking cake!
    It's a real beauty

  3. Gorgeous! You do such great work. Alana sounds like my daughter. She knows what she wants!

  4. GORGEOUS! This is one lucky gal...can I be your daughter friend too??? My birthday is in September..wink wink :)

  5. This looks awesome...and yes it is about what is on the cake to our little princesses! This awesome cake is being featured today at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party :) Thanks for sharing!