Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

You know it’s weird.  Not that Memorial day is in any way weird but to be celebrating it is.  I don’t remember what we did last year, probably the same thing we’ll do this year.  Sit on the back deck, have a bbq and drink a few beers with friends.  You see, I’ve celebrated Victoria Day for 40 years, which was also to sit on the back deck, if it was warm enough, and pretty much do the same things. We use to always throw a big start to summer party at our place.  There was of course always dessert but nothing like making fancy cookies. 

This year seems different.  I mean we’ve been here in Cary, NC for about a year and half and finally it’s starting to feel a little like home.  The girls have made some friends and I’m glad to say so have I.  It will never truly be home, that’s southern/eastern Ontario, but at least I don’t feel as secluded as I did when we moved down here.  We have some awesome neighbours, I play tennis at least once a week with a group of wack-a-doodle people that I just love and what I started in this blog, to keep myself from truly wanting to be put in a rubber room, has become so much more than I could ever have imagined. 

Trilogy Edibles started as a coping mechanism. Rob was working and travelling and I was stuck in a two bedroom apartment that was so small that I needed an outlet.  I had posted stuff on it before but it was really for those who weren’t close so they could see my creations.  It’s grown into itself, matured as it were.  Many of you visit on a daily basis and some of you are new.  That is so awesome.  And through it all I’ve met some of the most amazing people.  Now it’s all via the web and maybe someday I’ll get to meet them, but this community of women (and a couple good men) have made this journey a fantastic adventure.

So why am I being all nostalgic and sappy?  Not sure.  I always get a little homesick around the holidays and since Victoria Day just passed and I didn’t sink it to my usual stupor, I feel the need to express my appreciation.   I credit all the wonderful people I’ve met this past year and my friends and family from home who have been so amazingly supportive.  So Thank You!

I know you’re shocked, I made some cookies!


And some flowers.


Have an awesome memorial day!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh I love the flowers Karen. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in your *adopted home.*

    I'm so glad that you started this blog as it was how we met and I'm really enjoying the adventure.

  2. These are gorgeous..but not as gorgeous as YOU and your tender heart. I loved reading this post to get to "know ya" a little better..such a neat person you are!

  3. The flowers are my favorite!

    Aren't blogs great? The friendships I've made are amazing. I am so happy I've met you!