Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother Goose Day Cookie Swap

Today is May 1st and it’s also Mother Goose Day!


A few months ago Melissa from The Baked Equation asked if I’d like to do a cookie swap and of course I said yes!  I’d never been apart of one before and was so excited.  We were joined by Samantha from Flour-de-lis and Christina from Sweet C’s Bake Shop.  All three of these ladies are uber talented cookiers and I was so honoured to be apart of this swap.

We decided on a day and then had to come up with a theme.  I looked at the fun holiday calendar and found that May 1st was Mother Goose Day and boom! we had a nursery rhyme theme.

I volunteered to accept all cookies, then package up and re-distribute.  The first package came in from Christina and it was like Christmas morning!  I love packages, especially when there are cookies involved.

Melissa was next and more fun stuff with cookies.  Real work got in the way for Samantha so she had to send out her own packages.  Which made me sad because I really liked seeing all the cookies first.

Here’s what we got!

From Melissa:  She went with Pat-A-Cake and she also sent me an awesome gift for hitting 1500 likers on Facebook.  She remembered that square pans were something I’d always wanted but never bought for myself.  So she sent me an awesome 3 pan set.  She also sent Rob one of her awesome golf cookies.


From Christina:  Just look at all the goodies.  Her cookie theme was Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Rowan got into the cookies within 10 minutes of me opening the package. 



From Samantha: Her rhyme was the Queen of Hearts and along with her cookies I got a PME #2 tip (you can never have too many), a small pot of jam and a chocolate bar.  I had to take Sam’s out of their packaging b/c it was a cloudy day here and all you got was wrapper, and I may have eaten the cupcake one right after this picture was taken.  WHAT??? it’s a chocolate cookie, I have no shame :)


And this is what I sent.



I couldn’t pick just one nursery rhyme so I used 6 different ones.  These were so much fun to make and I hope the ladies loved them too!  I also sent a set of circle cutters, from 1” to 6”.  You can never have to many circle size cutters.

Thanks again ladies for including me in your swap, this was a ton of fun!

If you want to see what the other ladies had to say, check out their blogs at:

Melissa at The Baked Equation

Christina at Sweet C’s Bake Shop

Samantha at Flour-de-Lis

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are so great! Very pretty cookies.

  2. I love seeing some of the nursery rhymes that you did! So cute...

  3. What a great idea for a swap. All the cookies are fabulous and your contributions are adorably well done. What fun!

  4. squeeeeeal! I saw all the swap cookies on Melissa's blog first and when I heard you had done other rhymes as well I had to get over here to ogle! They are all so perfect and utterly adorable! Have I used enough exclamation marks?!!! :D So much fun

  5. LOOK at the work done here!! AMAZING! There are never enough exclamation marks for a well done cookie!

  6. Seriously absolutely adorable!! Amazing detail...how do you ladies have such a steady hand?!?! Love them all!

  7. These cookies are wonderful - you are all so talented! What a great idea to have a cookie exchange, and Mother Goose was the perfect theme!