Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Treat Day Wednesday–Fish Biscuits


I may need to change this to Rowan’s amazing ideas for treat day!  In the last few weeks, she’s been all about the ideas!  I, not so much!  If you aren’t on Facebook then you haven’t heard me moaning about my back.  I have developed sciatica and hence the decrease in posts lately. Sitting isn’t my friend these days. I’ve done the drugs and the physio and now my next step is meeting with an orthopedic specialist.  Fingers crossed.


But on to more fun topics!  Rowan was watching The Octonauts yesterday.  If you don’t know this cartoon, it’s on the Disney Channel and it’s about these animals who work under water and protect other sea creatures.  It’s adorable.  Well, in yesterday’s episode one of the characters made Fish Biscuits and Rowan has been asking every five minutes to make them.  So voila, I give you fish biscuits. (Biscuit is French for cookie and the fish is the shape as opposed to ingredient)  Just in case you were wondering!


She wasn’t quite finished there, she also stated they had to be rainbow. So I divided up the left over dough I had into the colours of the rainbow.  I rolled them into sausage links and laid them side to side.  I then rolled them flat with my rolling pin and cut them out using the fish cutter of her choosing.


These turned out so awesome!

Happy Treat Day everyone!  You could totally do this for any cookie and with any colour!


  1. I hope your sciatica pain will finally go away. I know how painful it is.
    These cookies brought a smile to my face, such happy cookies. Love this fish cookie cutter.

  2. I'm late to comment so I'm hoping that your appointment with the specialist is bringing you some relief from the constant pain.
    Love these little rainbow fishes. Good for Rowan for coming up with the idea.