Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Blank Canvas

As our North Carolina adventures continue, our newest journey is into our new home. Where all the new baking and quilting magic will happen. I'm very excited as I'll have an actual island in the kitchen; ideal for decorating fantastic edibles.

As of this weekend we will be living in more than just the "one" room of our rental apartment.


We got the keys yesterday and my job before the big move is to paint the girls rooms. It's a must do before we move, otherwise it'll never happen. Colours have been chosen and purchased. Now it's a matter of applying the paint. Rowan's room has the first coat of blue and so far so good. Abby's room will be pink and purple with a touch of pixie dust :)

The kithen will wait for paint, but already I have ideas for the first batch of cookies. We have been invited to a pre-Easter brunch. Bunnies, coloured eggs etc. Lots of inspiration out there. Especially from Sweetopia and The Sweet Advenutures of Sugarbelle.

There's also a birthday party this weekend, but I'm just not sure I'll be able to swing it with the move. I guess it all depends if I want to sleep :)

As requested by several friends, here's a few of the pre-paint photo's of the new place. Once the paint has been completed and few special touches are added, I shall post some new pics.

The playroom on the second floor - awesome wrap around windows that gives lots of natural light

Rowan's room

Abby's room

The backyard

The family room off the kitchen - it screams built in shelves don't you think???

The kitchen and my island :) double ovens too!

Another shot of the cabinets

The living room - will probably have very little furnature and paint is last on the agenda

Looking from the living room into the dining room, the door at the back is to the kitchen, you can't see it, but there is wane scotting around the bottom of the wall.

As I paint, I'll show off the new pics!

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  1. Congrats Karen. I hope you and your family have many happy memories in your new home.