Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to do...when...

As a mother, have you ever been handed something and think, what the heck? or crap well that's done with. Well today I was handed a tube. Not really paying attention to what my 3 year old was up to, she went into the fridge, grabbed a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls (I know I know, but sometimes it's just easier) and started to play with it. Finally she handed it to me and said, can we have these? The tube no longer had a chill to it, so instead of throwing it out, I did a little make shift cinnimon buns.

I rolled out the dough flat and then sprinkled sugar, cinnimon and butter. I then rolled them up and cut them into inch size pieces, placed them into small muffin tin holes and baked. They were then glazed with a vanilla icing sugar mix and voila, tasty treats! And since Rowan really doesn't like baked sweats, I'm in trouble :)

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