Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cookie Adventures and a New Paint Job!

Well the last week has been quite the adventure in crazy. We moved on Friday so most of the week was taken up with packing. However, I wanted to make cookies for the birthday party for our new next door neighbour's daughter (who's Abby's new BFF) 6th birthday. So with not alot of time I baked the cookies in the apartment on Thursday and was going to decorated them once we got to the new house. I mean that's what evenings are for, isn't it?

I decided on the princess theme! Aren't all girls of the age of 6 are into princesses or at least pink? So out came the castle, shoe and tiara cutters. Baked and ready to go and then left on the counter. Friday afternoon on the way to pick up Rowan from preschool I realized I had left the cookies in the apartment and then I realized they had been packed by the movers, AH $#%^. Well if anything, we'd have nice nibbles during the unpacking. Several boxes later they were found and whoop whoop, there were survivors. It took a couple hours to unpack the kitchen and then I set to decorated the remainder. This is the final product!

The Castles:

The Shoes:

The Tiaras:

Back from the party and the cookies were a huge success, not one left! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Along with cookies I also had to finish painting the girl's rooms:



The close-ups of Mickey and Minnie

It was a fun and crazy week. Now for sleep...and more unpacking!

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  1. Those cookies are CUTE! Did you add the hearts before the frosting sets up, then drag a toothpick through it?

    The result is very pretty!!!