Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Black, Red and White–a tale of two quilts and a giveaway!

Who would have thought that black, red and white would be the colours for my latest quilting projects?

The first one is the one-block-wonder quilt I started to blog about in The Start of Something New blog post and now it’s finally completed. Here’s a peek at it while on the sewing machine.


This took longer than I thought but in the end looks great!


I chose a funky oriental black and red fabric for the quilt back.


I had intended this quilt for me, but really what do I need with another quilt. So what to do? Maybe a giveaway????? (keep reading).

The second tri-colour quilt was commissioned by my mother for a friend’s new grandson. And black, red and white was the colour theme chosen. Apparently they are the first three colours babies can see, or so I’ve been told. Either way, it was tricky to find fun kids fabric in these colours, so I chose three solids and 3 prints. Polka dots are pretty kid friendly and the third print reminded me of the little doodles my sister, Terrell, use to draw all the time when we were kids. FLASHBACK 1980s !!!


I then decided on doing pinwheel blocks as they are nice to look at and fun for babies.


I had planned out the quilt after I finished all the pinwheel blocks and laid them out on my design floor (my living room floor that currently has no furniture Smile). This was my original idea.

IMG-20110405-00128Then I sewed them together and got this:


Oops! Well actually, I like this better! Maybe having a glass of wine whilst sewing is not such a good idea.

Then I again used my design floor and sandwiched the quilt (backing fabric, batting and quilt top) and pinned. I like to use painters tape as it won’t stick too much to the floor and it’s easy coming off the fabric too.


After some initial swearing (it always takes me a while to get back into the quilting swing), the quilting came together. I used circle patterns to go with the fabric theme.

I used the leftover quilt top fabric and made a pieced binding and voila! The back is a fun black and red car flannel fabric. I hope she likes it.


So now about that giveaway! Please leave a comment below with your name, email address and your favourite sweet treat or email me at trilogyedibles@hotmail.com. I’ll be using your treat ideas for future postings! Then on April 23rd I’ll draw a winner for the One-Block-Wonder Quilt! Thanks for looking and come back soon. I may give away something else. Sorry, I can only ship within North America.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love andie's mints. So yummy
    bckwhitney at g mail dot com.
    you did an amazing job on those quilts!

  2. I love m&ms. janiedillon at g mail dot com. I love the colors. You did a great job on these quilts.

  3. You're quilt turned out amazing! I have been watching you put this quilt together since you first posted about it on craftster. I can't believe you are giving it away! I will definitely put my name in that hat. My favorite treat is see's candy molasses chips. divadays at hotmail dot com

  4. These are both beautiful! Isn't it wonderful when mistakes are for the better? twiterpert at hotmail dot com

    I have to say, pure maple sugar candies are my demise. Alas! I can only get them at the end of winter during sugar bush.

  5. lovely quilts. my favorite treat is cookies. tenxzero at gmail dot com

  6. Beautiful quilt! In the sweets department, I love Sour Patch Kids.

  7. Love YOUR cookies and your quilts!!!

  8. What a gorgeous pair of quilts! Honestly, I think the baby's quilt looks even better with the "wine inspired" design. It lets the eye wander over the quilt quite nicely. The spotted and solid fabrics get to play off of each other much more than the original design allowed, giving the entire quilt a more relaxed, cohesive feel. The original design was very bright and playful, but it also had a very regimented feel, keeping the eyes on particular blocks of color rather than viewing the pattern as a whole. This 'opens' the quilt more. Very nice work!

    I followed you over from craftster.org to read more about your one block wonder quilt and so far I'm very impressed with your entire blog. :) As for the giveaway, my favorite sweet treat tends to change with the seasons, but right now it is honey lavender cupcakes. laughingcat2003 at hotmail dot com.

  9. Love the baby quilt. I have been googling like crazy to find that same color scheme. Red, black and white is the pick for our baby girl due this November and it has been so hard to find anything that looks like what you have created. I so hope that I can find a blanket like this before she is born. I really think it would add so much to her room. Your are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

    Right now being pregnant I love anything with sugar :) but would pick sugar babies for candy as my favorite right now. kristinagaulf at live dot com.