Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Eamonn – Harry Potter and Star Wars Cookies


My nephew is the biggest cutie petutey on the planet and it saddens me that we live even farther away than we did in Ottawa. And this year he turns the big number 5!!! When I asked what he wanted for his birthday, my sister said cookies (as a joke I think) but anything Harry Potter, Star Wars or Angry Birds. So of course I obliged for cookies, except I don’t know anything about Angry Birds (yes I live under a rock and no, I don’t have an iPhone). As Star Wars is my favourite movie and Harry Potter closely follows, it was an easy decision. What was hard was how I was going to do it.

My cookie decorating is in it’s youth, so I looked to my cookie guru’s at Sweetopia, Sweet Sugar Belle and Bakeat350. I had seen and, of course can’t find again, a website that piped the icing onto parchment and then placed them onto the cookies. So I found some fun cartoony characters of Harry, Ron and Hermione as well as Luke, Lea, C3P0, Darth and R2D2. It took several hours to pipe out, using parchment piping bags due to the size of the details and then dry.

Harry Potter cookies were up first. First was to outline the characters. I wanted to make sure the black was done first as it tends to bleed if it’s not completely dry.


I then added the colour once the black was dry. This was painstaking, my back was not so happy about this but they turned out awesome!!!


Next up were the Star Wars cookies.


Then added the detail and to the cookie and voila!


Next time I’ll attempt to pipe right onto the cookies, the decals were very fragile and several didn’t make it!

This was a lot of fun as these were my first really detailed cookies. It also proved to myself that yes I can do it! Feeling pretty pumped about these cookies and praying they make it unharmed when I ship them north. I know Eamonn with love them! I hope he likes his prezzies too!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. These are just wonderful and your nephew is going to be so excited when he opens the package! You did a fantastic job!

  2. So cute! If they don't survive the shipping they'll still taste delish!

  3. I am waiting for the mailman to show up Yum.!

  4. WOW! You did a FANTASTIC job on these!! These are incredible and SOOO cute!

  5. These look amazing - you're very talented!

  6. Wow! The cookies look amazing!

  7. That's so awesome!! Fantastic. I would love it if you would link this up to my Marvelous Mess party....each week I pick one project to feature on my sidebar!! Here's the link:

  8. You're right about the cutey patootie...he *almost* upstaged the these ...I mean LOVE!!!!