Friday, April 8, 2011

Speckled Chocolate Cake–always a good thing!

So what do you do when you dream about chocolate cake…you make one of course. I haven’t made this cake in years and I wasn’t even sure I still had the recipe. As you all know we just moved, so some things are still in boxes. But I guess I was thinking ahead and the cookbooks, although were still packed, were easily accessible.

I took an old favorite, Marcel Desaulier’s Death By Chocolate. So the choice of cake was easy. How to decorate it was the next question.

This was my plan: I took inspiration from a very talented lady and a fellow Canadian, Rosie from Sweetapolita. She actually lives about 20 minutes from my parents in Newcastle, Ontario. Her site is gorgeous and the cake that caught my eye the most was her Rich & Ruffled Chocolate Celebration Cake, maybe not for the colour but definitely the finish. So I had to try it.

This is what happened: So not that! I decided to use the icing recipe with the cake but due to the difference in climate, it wouldn’t combine properly, it was thick and it drove me crazy. I finally took plastic wrap and wrapped the cake to get it “smooth” and I laugh because it is so not smooth. Then I thought I’d make the meringue buttercream and do the ruffled look but laziness and the heat changed my mind. Plus I just really wanted to eat a piece of chocolate cake. So I grated some chocolate and covered the top and sides and added left over fondant flowers from my cupcakes and voila!

So here’s my version, so not what I had planned, but tasty tasty tasty! The wine helps too!



So since I didn’t get to try out the ruffled technique, I have another reason to bake a cake. Maybe next week!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hope you enjoyed the fruits of all your labour. It looks does that glass of wine! LOL.