Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Treat Day Wednesday–A Try at Cake Pops

AAAAHHHHH the cake pop!  Today I took a stab at the new fad treat.  With several places for inspiration including queen of the cake pop, Angie Dudley at Bakerella  and exert popper, Kathy Phan at Kathyphantastic I’ve attacked the ever popular treat. 

So to say these are easy peasy, I would be lying; but then this is my first try.  I followed the how-to and yes the steps are straight forward.  I do now have a couple question that only practicing will answer:

  1. What should the mixture of cake and icing feel like?  I’m a baker by feel and mine felt a little too moist.
  2. How long of lollipop stick is best?  I used the smaller and I’m inclined to think the longer.
  3. How do you get the candy coating or chocolate to not drip down the lollipop stick but run enough to cover the entire pop? I had a lot of drip drops that hardened and areas that didn’t cover at all.
  4. This is more of a statement than a question, always use edible markers that aren’t dry!

I used my own vanilla cake recipe but used store bought icing.  I did this for time and for the fact I won’t be the ones eating them so the “too sweet” taste is specifically for the girls.

I mixed the cake and icing together and rolled into good pop size balls and place them on wax paper.


Then I melted the white candy melts and dipped the pop sticks into the melted candy and inserted into the formed balls.


I dipped and decorated.  They are far from perfect but did turn out pretty cute.  Not sure I’d add these to my repertoire just yet, but will definitely give them another go.

My daughters are all about Hello Kitty and when I saw these I had to give it a try.  Thanks ladies for this weeks inspiration!


As you can see the markers weren’t very bright because they are dry.  Time to invest in new ones.  I might, next time, use royal icing for the face decorations.  Also all the drops too!  Rowan told me they were beautiful and right there, that’s all that matters as Treat Day Wednesday is for them!

Ok, so the perfectionist in me went back and used royal icing.  I had to make some anyway!  So much better…




  1. These are wonderful, can't believe it's your first stab at them. They are not *easy* to make and require a lot of time and effort. Good for you! I made cake pops once and in no hurry to do them again. LOL

  2. Very cool. I like it! BTW, I sense the coming back of the whoopie pie. Might want to get on that :p

    - Nancy