Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sisters Day!


Today is Sisters Day!  Did you know?  I certainly didn’t.  What to do? what to do?  Especially since I live so far away from mine.  So here is my tribute to my big sisters via the cookie!

bond-117 (2)

My middle sister, Terrell (the blond), owns Stones Throw Design, an environmental architecture firm and designs amazing houses/buildings and gardens.  She has a gift.  She’s won several competitions including the National Archetype For the Living City in 2006 with the finished project now on the grounds of the Kortright Centre in Maple, Ontario.  So proud!  She’s also a wife, mother and fellow runner!  Her plan is to run her first half marathon this September and I will cheer from afar and send good vibes.

jul09 079

My big sister, Meredith (brunette), owns PC Service Onsite with her hubby Pete.  They are a small computer help tech firm in Metro Toronto, Ontario.  She’s also has a side business in accounting for several small home businesses, including Terrell’s.  Meredith, too, is a runner and ran her first half marathon in Ottawa a few years ago with all of us cheering her on.  So proud of her too!  Yup we all three run :)  Pete and Mere are just in the midst of moving to north of Toronto with hopes of expanding their business.


Although I am apart from both of them, we are all pretty close.  Whether we chat on the phone or via Skype, or in email and through Facebook, we try to keep each other aware of what’s happening in our lives.

So to my sisters I give you virtual cookies!  I love you and miss you both!


Thanks for looking!

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  1. What a beautiful trio! You can certainly tell that you are all sisters! Your cookies are just lovely. Honestly, there's nothing better than an edible bouquet like these.

  2. Beautiful post Karen and beautiful cookies too...

  3. What a wonderful post, I love this style in cookie decorating with cookie showing.