Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Desserts Number Three–Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies

I totally stole this idea from Callye at Sweet Sugar Belle!  The girl is a genius if you haven’t stopped by.  I mean really crazy good!  What?  You haven’t been there, stop what you’re doing and go there now.  I know, stop reading my silly blog and head the heck over…NOW!!!

Ok you’re back :)

So, Callye made leaf cookies and decorated them with the Wilton spray cans. I totally stole her idea and did the same thing except I used maple leafs.  Well I’m Canadian and damn proud of that fact.  We held our Thanksgiving with several other ex-pats and feasted on all the traditional fair.  But with kids, I thought sugar cookies were the way to go and when I saw her tute on how to do this, I was like yup that’s what I’m doing. (Tutorial is here)

I’ll spare you the details on the how-to because really Callye’s got it going on.  I just want to show mine off!


Here’s a close up!  I used green, red and orange.  The base colour of the cookie was a light yellow.  I could have gone darker but am just getting use to the spray cans.  Which are pretty cool and easy to use. 


The kids loved them and each went home with a little kiddy doggy bag.  That’s right I filled them up with sugar and then sent them home with some.  Aren’t I such the good little hostess :)

Thanks for looking!

So go visit Callye if you haven’t, really.  I steal all my greatest stuff from her ;)


  1. WOW these turned out just GREAT!!! How fun and looks pretty easy for a cookie DUMBIE like myself. It is FUN to see recreated stuff of the other bloggers IMO b/c it gives me hope...HA!!!

  2. Your cookies are beautiful Karen. Love how proud you are to *wave* the maple leaf. I just tried using the spray cans recently...I need a lot more practice!