Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Treat Day Wednesday–Halloween Jigglers!

I baked a lot last week and when the simple request for jell-o came in I was like, yes!  So I made simple Jell-O, to the jiggler consistency and made Halloween ones!  You can’t tell but there are three colours of Jell-O, red, orange and purple, picked by Rowan but there are.

I just used my Wilton witch set, so much more than just cookie cutters :)


Then I had all this left over Jell-O-o and had whipping cream in the fridge, so I made Halloween Jell-O Parfait


Simple and always loved.

Thanks for looking!


  1. simple is the kid would LOVE this. Healthy too.

  2. What a creative idea with the parfaits!

  3. Meaghan at The Decorated Cookie just said in an interview that Jello is the emerging food for decorating! Your Halloween jigglers are too cute and that parfait is wonderful.