Friday, November 18, 2011

I Shall Not Tell a Lie…I am a Twihard!


I am! Really and truly.  I LOVED THE BOOKS.  The movies are also not bad, but it’s in the books that I fell in love with…yup Edward.  Don’t get me wrong, Jacob is all that, but it’s through the eyes of a young girl and her undying love for the boy that every girl dreams of.  He’s polite, he pays attention, he’s charismatic and of course, he’s down right gorgeous.

I had never planned to read these books.  My sister is the vampire lover, not I.  She told me a million times to read Twilight and was having none of it.  It wasn’t until I went back to work after Rowan was born that my co-worker/friend Nancy, dropped the book on my desk on a Friday and said, I want that back by Monday.  I looked at her as if she had two heads.  I can’t just read a 400 page book in a weekend with a 8 month old and a 3 year old at home, while my husband was away on business.  ARE YOU CRAZY.  And I wasn’t going to read it but did take it home. Nancy and I have the same taste in books, so Friday night after the kids went to bed, I picked up the book and gave it a go.

Not only did I read the entire book, I was half way through New Moon by Monday morning.  I packaged up the kids and went to get it over the weekend.  They are fluff, easy reading but it’s been so long since I loved the characters in a book.  All of them.  I mean, yes, Edward is amazing but I loved them all. 

By the end of the next week I had all 4 books read.  I’m not going to lie, I was glad it was over so I could get back to life.  I hadn’t been able to get into a book so completely in a long time. Wee tots will do that to a person.


Then Twilight came out. I had no expectation of it being any good.  They never are compared to the books, but it wasn’t bad.  The acting was iffy and although the stars were beautiful, they never stood up to what I had created in my mind. When New Moon came out, Nancy and I and a few others hit the first showing of the day on the day it came out.  Yup we took the day off work.  It was laughable, never thought acting could be that bad and yet when it came out on DVD, I bought it.  Next was Eclipse and we went again, hoping that it was better than New Moon or at least on par with Twilight.  Thank god it was.

And now we’ve come to the close.  I’m not as sad as I was when the final Harry Potter came out.  I loved the characters both in the books and on the screen.  The actors matched their story written selves so perfectly.  Kristen Stewart is ok as Bella but not nearly as strong as I see her character.  Robert Pattinson is delish but will never truly be what I have in my head for Edward.  Taylor Lautner isn’t big or goofy enough to be Jacob.  And now that he’s old enough I don’t feel so sleazy for thinking he’s got an amazing six pack.  Don’t kid yourself, I’ll be going to see this movie and with my friends in Ottawa as we are visiting over American Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait to see how they did the wedding, if they will show us or let us use our imagination with the pillow feathers and of course the birth of Renesmee.

I loved these books and am looking forward to seeing the final chapters on the big screen too. Today Breaking Dawn Part I is out in theaters and in honour of that I’ve baked a cake.  My imagination on the simplicity was fabulous, the execution…not so much.  This is why you never forget to parchment line your pans…


Take two was much better!  So I guess cake pops or some such in the near future!

The cake is a black and white checkerboard layered with browned butter icing (told you I’d use it again soon).  Then I covered it in black fondant and used simple chocolate chess pieces.  Simple and Elegant and a tribute to the book cover.


So to the other Twihards out there, I hope I didn’t offend you by not loving the movies as much as I love the books. I am a purest ;)


Now if you do love the books/movies, my friend Dorothy over at Crazy For Crust is also celebrating today’s release of Breaking Dawn.  So head on over and check out her amazing Peppermint Patty place cards fit for a vampire :)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. This is gorgeous! My post just went up. It's so funny how you talk about reading the books, because I was the same way. Done in a day or two for each book. My daughter watched a LOT of TV that week. :) I had started out borrowing the books but by the time I got to Eclipse I had my own set! I wanted to reread them this week but they are still in storage. Maybe next week!

  2. I haven't read any of the books nor seen any of the movies. I'm glad that you did otherwise this gorgeous cake would have never seen the light of day. It is awesome Karen!

  3. I finished the series in record time too! and I have to agree with you on all of it...the books are WAY better than the movies. But I still have seen them all just because:-)

  4. I LOVE IT! You did such a fabulous job! I read the first book, I want to read them all really, but I have a 3 year old at home? I know what you are thinking, that was your excuse and you managed....maybe I should try? I will give myself until next November when the next movie is out to have them done...maybe. Anyway thanks so much for letting me know about your fabulous cake love the chess pieces, I have never seen a mold for those! Awesomeness!

  5. I'm glad you feel that way about the movies too! I haven't been able to get through a single one, though, lol. LOVE Twilight though! You and Dorothy are so creative! Invite me in next time ya'll do some sort of Tween-fantasy themed dessert day!!!

  6. Very fun cake...not easy to make, but great to eat I bet. I love Twilight as well and currently have Jacob the Hot Scrap Assistant form Australia visiting me. stop over to see.

  7. I haven't seen any of the films yet, and I've only read the first book - but I'm beginning to think I should read the rest of them! Your cake is amazing! I love the checkerboard pattern inside as well. Thank you for sharing it with the Gallery of Favorites.

  8. What a lovely cake. This would make a lovely cake for a game party too. Thanks for sharing your cake with the Gallery.