Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s here finally! Now after today the amount of pink should decrease, hopefully :)

So I may not be a fan of this particular holiday celebration but my girls are enamored and wanted something special for their teachers.    I also won some awesome cutters from Samantha at Flour-De-Lis and thought, let’s give a few new techniques a go!

So here are the assorted big and mini cookies that will be heading to school today!  I tried the crossstitch cookie look, lace, brushed embroidery and a few words.




Here is the cookie that Abby decorated for Valentine’s Day and promptly ate it, not waiting for the pesky icing to dry and all that silliness! Yes, she was as high as a kite at bedtime :)


I also wanted to make something specific for the girls too.  I found these adorable little heart shaped pans at World Market and decided to use up the rest of the Valentine M&Ms.  Rowan helped decorate!  They are just single layer vanilla cake covered in lemon buttercream.


Then with the left over cake batter, I coloured half pink and made an 8” swirl cake.  I covered it in lemon buttercream and then in fondant with some strawberries!  I’ll be giving half to next door because it’s wrong to eat an entire 8 inch cake by oneself on Valentine’s Day.  Yup, I’m swinging single today as Rob’s in Vegas for work.


So Happy Valentine’s everyone!  I give you a great big hug from me to you.

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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous assortment of Valentine treats. I love the cross-stitch embroidery look on a cookie and hope to try it one day. Yours turned out great Karen, all your cookies look great. The girls must be pretty excited to cut into their cakes and your neighbour is going to love seeing you come knocking at the door.

  2. Happy Valentine's! I am glad you caved in and are feeling the love...haha! The cookies sure look amazing for someone that isnt a fan Vday! Everything looks fabulous!

  3. WOWZER! How the heck do you pipe that lace-y look on those cookies?! They are gorgeous. Say, I have an idea, how about you meander over to Minnesota and give me a how-to!

    Everything looks awesome - I love Valentines day a ton!

    1. it's cold there so maybe when it's warmer, but you are always welcome here in North Carolina :)

    2. I think it's funny that you're calling Minnesota cold. How many years were you Canadian? ;)

      Fantastic baking again! xox

  4. Beautiful! I wish I could decorate this well.

  5. So pretty! You're such a great artist. I'm a little jealous. ;)

  6. Such gorgeous treats, I love how you did the cake and what a lucky neighbor!
    Beautiful work on cookies,lace patterns are so hard to do and yours turned out so pretty. I love that you used cornelli lace there too, I love that style.

  7. What a wonderfully mouthwatering post! I love the beautiful cookies particularly the lattice ones. The broken hearts are so clever too! And as for that cake, wow! It looks so pretty, especially with all those lovely strawberries. You have very lucky neighbours!

  8. So many lovely desserts! This round up made me hungry! The puzzle hearts are my favorite.