Friday, March 30, 2012

Meeting Paula!



Many of you know the awesome woman behind Vanilla Bean Baker and Frosting for the Cause blog sites. 



Paula Kelly-Bourque is one of the most generous woman I’ve ever met and a year ago today I used her quilted cookies as inspiration.  Paula was introduced to me by Callye at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.  I think I made some comment on Twitter about cookies and quilts and she suggested Paula’s blog.  I found these, aren’t they amazing?


And then I made these:  Sorry the pic is so bad.  Back before I new about photo editing.


I know, I know.  It’s fun to look back at your first decorated cookies.  I laugh.  But with this short little blog I received a comment from Paula thanking me for using her as inspiration.  Then an amazing thing happened.  She came back and commented on my next post and my next and every post since then.  Even when I went back to writing my running blog she commented there too. 

I’m so thankful for her comments and her friendship, you have no idea.

Then last September I had the rare pleasure of meeting my original inspiration when I went home to Ottawa to visit friends.  I went to her house and met her daughter and grand daughters.  I also got to meet Max.  Ron was playing golf, so I didn’t get the pleasure.  We sat and had tea and chatted for about an hour.  Then she gave me cookies with my logo on them and some homemade foot scrub.  I was overwhelmed. 


I’d like to think that we’ve become good friends via our common love for treats.

So if you haven’t already checked out her awesome blog, and her a new look.  Go over to Vanilla Bean Baker and say hi!  Tell her Karen sent you!

For you Paula, I made you a little something.  I hope you like them :)  Yeah, I tried again!  These have gone into the mail and should arrive on your doorstep in a few days!


Here’s a little spring for you too!


I’ll be heading north for the summer with the girls and yes, there will definitely be a stop in Perth to visit with my friend, Paula!

Thanks again Paula for being such a great inspiration, constant source of support and best of all, friend!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Karen! What a surprise!! You are so thoughtful to have done this post and your cookies are lovely. Isn't it nice that something as comforting as quilts and cookies brought us together? I am truly grateful that we met and have become friends. You are a treasure to me and I'm very appreciative of this shout-out post. So looking forward to the summer when I can see you and the girls and give you a big hug. Looking forward to receiving your lovely gift. Much love xo

  2. So sweet! How nice that the two of you met:) I have to agree that Paula is a sweetheart! The cookies are SO pretty!

  3. Two of my favorite ladies! Karen, you and Paula are both the sweetest! I thank you both for all your support the last few years! I wish I was better at commenting, but know that I think you're a talented lady. Would love to have had tea with the both of you too... someday! xo

    1. Ah thanks Marian! You rock too! When I come up this summer, we'll have to schedule a time that you can drive down from Montreal and we can all get together!