Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Treat Day Wednesday–Homemade lollipops a la Sprinkle Bakes


I saw this post on Sprinkle Bakes and I knew I had to try this!  My girls love lollipops, I mean who doesn’t?  Now Heather’s are way prettier than mine since I used fun sprinkles instead of edible flowers.  Just don’t see the girls eating the flowers :) 

For the really awesome how-to, head over to Heather’s amazing blog Sprinkle Bakes.


Now if I had another lollipop mold I could have made another dozen easy, but I only got ten.  With all the extra sugar I had to do something before the candy hardened completely in my pot, so I made weird looking sugar sticks.  That look like really awesome water candies.


Now here’s one of my happy campers!


And the other,


Thanks for looking!

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  1. Oh I saw those lollipops, yours turned out so great. I love the blue color.

  2. What pretty lollipops! Jordan would love them. A great treat. And I got your cookies today - they are gorgeous and SO yummy!

  3. I really really really really love these. I am always getting the clear lollipops like this for Jess when we go to Michaels. I would love to try and make my own! I love the color of yours and the little butterflies inside! I got your cookies too...they are all eaten but one I saved for my son...yummy, I love the texture of the cookie too!

  4. These are so neat! They'd be perfect for earth day!!! They look like planet earth!!!

  5. The girls are adorable and it looks so warm there! Are those teeny butterflies inside the lollipops ;) Love the blue colour and your water candy :) I see a big sister that is really starting to look like her mother!

  6. LOVE these - makes me want to make them in heaps of different colors.
    Awesome idea - linking from Sprinklebakes.
    Lowri :-)

  7. These are wonderful! How fun!