Monday, April 16, 2012

Strawberry Week–Tuxedo Dipped Strawberries


Yesterday we hopped in the truck and off we went to Smith’s Nursery in Benson, NC.  It’s about 35 minutes from us in Cary.


Now I expected an ordinary strawberry field (at least in Ontario, Canada) but what we saw was nothing short of extraordinary.  I mean there were rows and rows of strawberry bushes but it was pristine! The bushes were so well maintained and overflowing with berries.  I don’t think it took us 20 minutes to pick 4 buckets full.  The berries were big and beautiful and juicy!  I had to try one, maybe two right there.  Abby (our six year old) was like, they have to be washed.  It wasn’t 5 seconds after I bit into a strawberry that both girls had one in their mouths.  OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG they were so good.


Now I have a few berries to “treat” with.

Since it was late when we finally finished our adventures out and about yesterday, I decided I’d go with a minimal ingredient treat. Chocolate and strawberries.  You know where I’m going :)

I also wanted to make these for Valentine’s day but never got around to it, so I made them for you today.

Here’s how you do it, it’s so simple it’s crazy.  I mean I always thought these were so tricky, that is until I tried to make them the first time.  So grab some white chocolate and dark chocolate and let’s get started.

Melt the white chocolate and dip one side of the strawberry.  Let dry (about 10-15 minutes in the fridge should do it)


Melt the dark chocolate and dip the strawberry as per the pictures.



Add bow tie and buttons and voila, tuxedo’s!  So fancy :)  Let them dry before serving, another 10-15 in the fridge should do it.  Serve and devour.


You can also just make simple ones too!


Thanks for joining in, and I hope you enjoy strawberry week here at Trilogy Edibles.

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  1. They look so yummy! I am drooling over here :D

  2. The grand-girls love strawberry picking too(of course they are not in season here yet) The family photos are very nice and thank you for this tutorial. I think the effect is great!

  3. So pretty! I've always wanted to try tuxedo dipped berries but am too afraid I'll wreck them. Yours are perfect! And what a fun day, too.

  4. Wow!!! Those are strawberries!!! Love the itty bitty tuxes!!!

  5. These are so adorable! I can't wait until strawberry season here! Too fun!

  6. These are wonderful! What a fantastic idea. Looks like you had fun strawberry picking too!