Monday, May 28, 2012

Flag Cake–an unintentional post

Happy Memorial Day!


So what’s with the cake you’re asking?  I know right?  It’s kind of fun right?  I so didn’t intend to write this post.  We were invited to a friend’s house yesterday and I, of course, offered to bring dessert.  My original plan was to take the left over layer of marbled cake from a grooms cake I made and was just going to cut it in half and do a “half” cake.  But as I was trying to wake up, it hit me.  The idea that is.

I remember seeing Amanda’s post on I am baker about making a flag cake.  Now hers is a little more elaborate and she probably took more than the 2 hours total I took to throw this cake together.

I just wanted to try a version, so I used my Wilton checkerboard insert and baked the colours together instead of cutting out the blue cakes.  I then used vanilla buttercream and used sanding sugar to make the flag look on top.

This is so not the pretty cake, nor would it be a cake that any normal blogger would take a picture of and blog about, but then I wouldn’t call myself normal.  :)  I mean it’s not level, it’s not perfectly iced and the sprinkles are everywhere.  It also didn’t help that it was still warm when I iced it, that in itself makes for a pretty sloppy cake. oh well!

When we arrived at our friend’s place they were excited about cake and thought the sanding sugar looked pretty neat.  I told them it was a flag cake but I’m not sure they believed me until I cut into it and served.  I love when I can silence a room by cutting into a cake.  It reinforces why I do what I do.


The steps are pretty easy.

  1. Make your favourite vanilla cake batter and separate into 4 equal parts.
  2. Colour one and half part red and one part blue, leaving one and half part still plain (or white)
  3. One cake pan will be a vanilla cake, one cake pan will be a red cake.
  4. Using the checkerboard divider, the third cake will be blue in the centre two rings and plain in the third ring.
  5. The fourth ring will be blue in the centre and red in the outer ring.
  6. Bake until done. Let cakes cool and make favourite icing, mine was vanilla buttercream.
  7. On a board, place red cake down first and fill with buttercream.
  8. Place the plain cake next and fill with buttercream
  9. Next is blue with red cake, then blue with plain cake.
  10. Finish icing the cake and decorate with sanding sugars.


So this may have been an unintentional blog post but in the end, those posts that aren’t planned are usually the most fun!

The cake was fun and super tasty and really isn’t that what you want from a cake!

Happy Memorial Day all :)

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I would not have been silent when you cut into this cake, I would have been squealing with delight. Such a fun dessert. Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Karen.

  2. thanks Paula, now if I could figure out how to do the maple leaf, I could do a set!

  3. This is completely awesome - I love how it turned out.

  4. Now that would be a definite crowd pleaser! I hope you`ll come link up at my party going on right now :)

  5. It'a a wonderful cake!
    I'm not an American, but I salute you for making this cake and posting about it.
    And I also disagree with you - is IS a beautiful cake

  6. I am SO impressed! I go crazy over making special things like this. You did great!!!

  7. Very cool! Hope you had a great long weekend!

  8. Wow! Beautiful!! I am really impressed and amazed and I will be featuring you at this coming weeks Tasty Tuesday Party. stop by and grab a featured button (if you don't already have one!)Thanks for linking!

  9. Love it! I love silencing a room, too! (Isn't that egotistical? It's kinda nice, though, when you've spent friggin' hours on something).