Sunday, June 10, 2012

Abby’s Non-Birthday Birthday Party


Ok, so last year Abby kind of got the bum deal in that she didn’t really have a big party.  She had one friend from school come to the pool with us and got a pretty awesome cake with a unicorn (if I do say so myself).  But honestly we went to the pool everyday last summer and many times a friend came with, so this wasn’t a particularly special event, although they had a blast. So this year she asked if we could have her party before school ended so she could have her school friends attend.

Now there is a rule in our house; the age you are turning is the number of friends you can invite.  And since I’m not ready for a coed party, it was girls only.  I also didn’t want to have to do it at home so she chose Monkey Joe’s, which is an indoor bouncy park.  It may cost a little more but for my sanity in seven screaming girls and then not having to clean up afterward, I am on board!

So now to the cake, which can always be such a dilemma.  After careful consideration Abby decided on a Pocahontas cake.  Could she have chosen a more obscure princess this year? I don’t think so!  So Thursday I started putting the cake together and when she got home from school she declared she wanted a Titanic cake.  Phew, it was a good thing I didn’t start decorating.  I gave her overnight to finally decide and in the end…


Pocahontas prevailed.

Now because we are heading home to Canada for July, we will be having a party for both Rob and Abby at my parents farm and my awesome bloggy friend Juanita from Sweet Things TO is going to be making Abby’s cake (I’m helping).  So all I was willing to do for this cake was something simple, unlike Rowan’s Rapunzel cake.

I decided on painting the cake, which was another first.  It was so much easier than trying to recreate things with gumpaste and fondant.  Abby also wanted a teepee on it, so I used an ice cream cone and covered it with fondant.  I added some wooden skewers and voila, a teepee!  Then I topped it off with a Disney figurine.


I really enjoyed this way of making the cake.  All the girls were impressed, as were their parents!  YAY!  Abby was pretty excited too!


I also made cookies for their loot bags.  Each kid got two.


So we have another successful party under wraps, until next year!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. That's amazing! You do beautiful work. That painting is stunning. Happy (early) birthday to her!

  2. Love the painting on the cake, it turned out great! Your tee pee is fantastic (you are so smart). Abbey is such a pretty girl.