Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Summer Vacation Ever

A bunch of us wack-a-do cookie people were chatting about doing a fun post about summer, so we chose to create cookies of our favourite summer vacation.  Now most of my favs have been since my kids were born and usually centered around a certain mouse but I wanted to do something unique.  I chose the summers we spent as kids in Muskoka, Ontario.  Cottage country as we called it.  Beautiful lake country on the Canadian Shield that are the summer getaways for Southern Ontarians and some uber rich celebrities.

As kids we went up north to Lake Muskoka and spent the entire summer.  My parents rented a cottage and we boated, fished, hiked, canoed, jumped off the boathouses, swam and generally spent every waking moment outside.  It was an awesome way to spend the days.  At night we had campfires, or hung out inside playing board games because the only tv station we got wasn’t even clear.  We’d take the boat into Port Carling for ice cream.  We’d go to Bala to the only bakery for the absolute best scones ever and as we got older we’d return to Bala to go see some amazing bands at the Kee.  Having a cottage was awesome.  Most cottages were a combination of eclectic furniture and modern conveniences.  Now this was back in the 70’s so by modern I mean we had a party phone line and a phonograph to play music.  Again awesome.

Now cottages are like going to another modern house that' is situated on a lake and you only go there during the summer or on long weekends.  It’s not the same but still the best way to spend some time.

So I decided to paint my cookies to make them look like Tom Thomson (Group of Seven artist) and then since it was my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday who has a family cottage in Muskoka, I gave them to him.



HAPPY 50th Pete, Hope you had an awesome birthday!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Love them! There is something about a "cottage" and the lake that are so serene!

  2. I love this theme and those are so gorgeous! What fun summers!

  3. My sister lives in Huntsville. The Muskokas is a a beautiful area and how lucky were you to have been able to spend your summers there as a child.
    I love your Group of Seven inspired cookies Karen and I'm so happy that they arrived at their final destination.

  4. Wow, these cookies are almost too gorgeous to eat! Operative word being 'almost' :) the watercolor-effect is too perfect!