Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Summer Lady Bugs


I’ve got to admit I’m losing momentum.  I’m too excited to go home to Ontario, Canada (Toronto, Port Hope, Tweed, Perth and Ottawa) for the month of July.  I’m enjoying Raleigh but I’m so looking forward to all things Canadian.

  • Tim Hortons (coffee and donuts) a Canadian institution
  • Canadian Tire – Sears, Kmart, Dicks Sporting, Ace Hardward and Advanced Autoparts all in one.  Another Canadian institution
  • Presidents Choice – a version of a grocery store’s brand but way better than anything I’ve found here
  • Poutine – french fries, cheese curds and gravy (sounds gross but is soooooooo good)
  • Cheese Curds - are the solid parts of soured milk (again it sounds gross but are awesome, especially when they squeak)
  • Butter Tarts – Individual little tarts similar to sugar pie or pecan pie without the pecans.
  • Beaver Tails (recipe coming soon) – fried dough dipped in cinnamon sugar (usually eaten while skating on the Rideau Canal, at least that’s me)
  • Real hot tea – Orange Pekoe baby!
  • Real Beer…Canadian Beer and no not Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian
  • and most of all… my family!

So I made some fun lady bugs using my never used pumpkin cookie cutter.  I realize they don’t correlate but it’s what I did anyway.

You will need:

  • Red and black piping and fill icing
  • Tips #1.5 and #2
  • Pumpkin cookie cutter.

Step 1: Cut, bake and cool cookies

Step 2: Using tip #2, outline and fill small circle at top and triangle near the indentation.



Step 3: Outline the wings using tip #2 and fill one side with red flow icing.  Add black dots (wet on wet).  Let dry 1hr.




Step 4: Fill the other side, let dry 1 hr


Step 5: Outline the wings with tip #1.5, add antennae.  let cookie dry overnight.


So I’m off to Canada on the 29th of June and will be back in Raleigh the first week August.  Don’t fret I have some great posts coming up but there won’t be as many as usual.  My trip to the great white north will be very exciting as I’ll be getting together with not just one or two but three of my favourite bloggers.  Marian from Sweetopia, Paula from Vanilla Bean Baker and Juanita from Sweet Things TO.  I can’t freakin wait!!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to meeting you and I will have a Tim Horton's coffee and PC products in hand! :-)

    And cute cute cute ladybug cookies!

  2. Your ladybug cookies are great and so neat that you thought to use your pumpkin cutter!

    Safe travels, excited to see you. Enjoy your visits with Marian and Juanita...too bad we can't all meet at the same time.

  3. I hope you have an amazing trip. I love Canada. I wonder if Beaver tails are similar to tiger tails...they sound similar. Pumpkin cutter for a lady bug?? Brilliant!

  4. Isn't going home fun? I hope you have an awesome time Karen. Drink some maple syrup for me. (My hubs brought me a bottle when he went to Toronto and it fell out of my cabinet during our move and shattered. :( ) Love these ladybugs!

  5. You can't beat Tim Horton's, Butter Tarts and proper Canadian beer! We are heading to Ontario in July & I can't wait either! Love these gorgeous ladybird cookies - that is so clever using a pumpkin cutter!