Sunday, July 22, 2012

Being Canadian–Week 3 of Vacation

This week has been equally as busy as the last two.  This week we journeyed north to Barrie, Ontario on Lake Simcoe to visit with my sister and her husband.

The girls got to swim in the lake and had an absolute blast


and they played in the fountain in the bay too, which may or may not have been allowed but they did it anyway.


We then went to the Orillia institution, Webers, for lunch


We stopped there every summer on the way up to the cottage when I was a kid.  The place is made out of old freight trains and have added, since my youth, a few passenger dining cars with air conditioning. Thank god, b/c it was so hot when we were there.



If you are on Hwy 11, heading north into cottage country in Ontario, this is a must stop!  (

We then did some painted pottery.  A garden fairy for Abby and a unicorn for Rowan.


I’m not sure the kids could look any more exhausted.  I know I am.

On our way back to my parents I took my kids to my old neighbourhood in Thornhill and showed them the house I grew up in.  We then headed back to the farm but stopped at Chuck-E-Cheeses for lunch in which the girls had a blast.  The girls ended the day with a picnic with the dog.


Then the end of the week ended with my vacation.  I got to go without kids for two whole days.  I went back to Ottawa and had a girls night with all my besties.  Oh how I missed them!


We ate and ate and ate and there may have been some drinking :)  Rum cake and Tiramisu were the main events!

I also wanted to share this picture I took of a beaver dam on the way to Ottawa on Hwy 7.  Only in Canada are the beavers patriotic and watch tv :)


Thanks for looking!


  1. Sounds like a fun filled week. Looks like a fabulous girls night - that must've been amazing!

  2. There is nothing like an Ontario summer! I'm so glad you are enjoying your vacation!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! Girls nights are the best!

  4. Looks like the girls certainly enjoyed their time with their Aunt at the lake and you, your time with the girls back in Ottawa. Webers certainly is a institution along Hwy. 11. My sisters stop there whenever they travel to Toronto. Ron and I saw that Dam on our way back from Milton this past weekend. Too funny. Enjoy the last bit of your vacation and hope the birthday celebrations are a blast. Can't wait to see that cake!