Saturday, July 14, 2012

Being Canadian–Week 2 on Vacation

Well we are chugging along on our vacation and have finally stopped moving around for a while.  Yup, we are at my mum and dad’s.  They live on a 152 acre farm outside of Toronto.  It was the home of my grandparents but after they passed away and we children moved out on our own, my parents moved here.  It’s an awesome spot.  But before we got here we spent a few days in Tweed, Ottawa and Perth.


I think since I’ve been here we’ve had a Tim Horton’s tea/coffee/iced cap etc every day.  Gotta get our fill before we head to the land of Starbucks.

I’ve been good I’ve run almost every other day since I’ve arrived so I don’t gain 400 pounds with all the treats.  Rob took the girls to get a true Canadian treat, a Beaver Tail.  No, they don’t take the tails of a beaver and deep fry it.  That is, however, what we told our girls.  The look on their faces was priceless.  Yup, it’s a large piece of dough that is flattened and deep fried then dipped in cinnamon sugar!  DELISH!  (Rob told the two that work their that I was writing a blog about them, they were too excited)



I also got to go to the Ikea in Ottawa, which I think is now the largest in North America.  SO MUCH FUN.  The closest one for us is in Charlotte, NC. 

The girls got to go sailing on the Ottawa River and had an absolute blast until my husband ran the boat into a rock.  OOOPS.


I got to hang out with a few friends I’d not seen in a year and so I made a few cookies too!


We also went to a birthday party where there was a balloon guy.


I also wanted to share a picture of the cake.  No I didn’t make it.  It was made by The Girl With the Most Cake out of Carp, Ontario.  It’s all buttercream and is just so beautiful.  If you are anywhere near the Carp Market in the summer, stop in and check them out.  The girls do amazing work.


After Ottawa, we got to spend a few days in Perth, Ontario with Paula from Vanilla Bean Baker and you can read about our escapades here.

Last on the list from this week is my lunch with Marian from Sweetopia and I can solemnly swear she is the most lovely, sweet person who loves to drink tea and is a fellow runner.  We’ve already made plans to train for a half marathon; once we pick our race; and run together.  YAY!  We also hit up McCalls Outlet.  If you are ever in Mississauga, Ontario and need some baking stuff, this is the place.  This is just part of the wall of cookie cutters.


So as you can see, it’s been a pretty awesome week 2.

Thanks for looking!


  1. How exciting that you and Marian are going to do a half marathon together! You weren't kidding when you said those girls make fabulous cakes! What a website! I must get to the Carp market at some point and see their stuff in person. Glad that you are enjoying some down-time with your family before you hit the road again. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Keep us posted, I love reading your updates :)

  2. Oh wow - all buttercream! That's just amazing.