Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun with The Vanilla Bean Baker!


So how much fun did I have in Perth?????  Well I had a ton of fun.  The girls and I packed up all our stuff after our visit in Ottawa and headed to Perth, a speck of a town in Eastern Ontario.  It’s a gorgeous little town that I had only ever driven through to get to Ottawa from Toronto when not driving the dreaded 401 highway.

Miss Paula invited all of us to come for dinner and stay the night.  Sadly Rob couldn’t join us because he had to get back to reality and go to work, so the girls and I accepted her invitation.  We had a fabulous time.

We didn’t bake but we did eat a ton of food!  Paula may talk about baking on her blog, but the lady can cook!  She may have made a titch too much food, but that’s ok!  We also got to meet her fabulous husband Ron, yes he does exist LOL! (he wasn’t there last visit)

Abby and Rowan were great and had a blast playing with Paula.  They went on a rabbit hunt with the lion catchers, we had a fire pit and roasted marshmallows (which they didn’t eat, they just wanted to burn) and the next morning they went swimming in the Tay River in their clothes.  I had a couple of really tired kids when we left!




After Paula took us around the pretty little town, we dropped her at home and said our goodbyes. Hoping that it wouldn’t be as long between visits.  I decided to take the girls to McD’s for lunch and as we were in the lineup for the drive-thru there was a tap at the window.  It was Paula holding two packages she had forgotten to give us.  One for the girls and one for Rob.  Yup cookies.  Perth is that small that she found us pretty easily.

Check out these amazing cookies and they taste as good as they look.


It’s a giant cookie that looks like a beach ball and had the province of Ontario in the centre and the red, white and blue of the US.  All the little dots in the yellow are our stops on our vacation.  How cool is that!


And for Rob, Senators cookies.  He may or may not get to eat any depending on whether I can stop my dad or the girls from eating them after the beach ball has been demolished.

Thank you Paula, we had a blast.  It was fabulous getting to know you better and yes, she is as sweet in person as she is online!


Thanks for looking!


  1. Now who is the sweet one??? Thanks for saying such complimentary things Karen. I'm just so happy that you made time in your vacation to visit and stay-over. Ron and I enjoyed every minute and it was such a pleasure to have that time to get to know you better. I loved having the girls, they are sweet and funny and was glad that they got to take a tip in the Tay. Can't believe that I almost forgot to give you the cookies (thank goodness you stopped for lunch!) Thank you for sending along the pictures. Abby took a great one of us!! Remind me however that there are some angles I should never be photographed at LOL.
    Hope Rob gets to have at least one cookie. Hope he and Abby have a great birthday celebration. So, so happy that you came. Hugs xox

  2. This is the sweetest post ever.I love Paula, she is so sweet and I am so jelous and happy at the same time that you were able to meet her. I can see in the pictures that you and your little ones had a great time.

  3. what a wonderful time you all must have had! Paula is so wonderful online I have no doubt she is as you described, LOVELY!

  4. Looks like a fun time was had by all!! I have not yet met Paula in person, but she has shown me nothing but kindness and sweetness over the months, since we met virtually.

  5. This looks like the most wonderful time! I enjoyed reading your post Karen and seeing all your photos. Your daughters are adorable and Paula is just a sweet looking as I'd imagined (I've seen photos before but these ones take the cake, or should I say cookie?) I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip. Someday I hope to make it to the little town of Perth, Ontario to visit Paula and swim in the Tay river with all my clothes on :) Good times!

  6. What a fabulous post! Paula seems like such a wonderful person and host! I'd better get my act together for your upcoming visit :-)

  7. Ha ha, Paula made you one big cookie! I'm glad she caught up with you:)