Monday, August 13, 2012

Virtual Wedding Shower–Flour-de-Lis is getting hitched!

My awesome friend Samantha from Flour-de-Lis is getting married.  So a few of us decided it would be fun, since we can’t be with her, to celebrate her upcoming nuptuals with a virtual wedding shower.

If you haven’t been over to see Samantha’s cookie awesomeness, you totally should!  What’s even more extraordinary about her is that about a month ago she was hit by a car while out on her bike with her fiance, Sitha.  You would think that would slow her down, but no.  She’s continued with her cookie decorating, had the Cambodian ceremony and is still so supportive of all her cookie friends, like me!

To find the ever talented Samantha, you can pop over to her Facebook page or her blog Flour-De-Lis.

These are one of my favourite cookies from her collection:



I also won my only contest that Samantha held way back when and we’ve become friends ever since!

So for you my dear, I wish you nothing but happiness on your new adventure.  I wish I could be there for you, but alas you live too far away! Hugs and love from us here in Raleigh.  I made these and the girls promptly ate them for you!  Calorie free, it’s the best kind of gift.



So I’m not the only one celebrating, check out these amazing ladies:

Melissa at The Baked Equation

Brandy at Sparkling Sugar Sweets

Christina at Sweet C’s Bake Shop

Susan at Sweet Williams’ Cookies

Diane at Created by Diane

Nat at NatSweets

Thanks for looking!


  1. I LOVE virtual parties! I love your wedding cookies! Congrats Samantha!!!

    I am loving your "Calorie Free Gift!" I think you are on to something!! ;)

  2. LOVE THESE!!! Congratulations Samantha!

  3. I am so glad you agree, that 0 calorie is a super fun party! What a sweet post. I love your Samantha and Sitha stick peeps!

  4. Oh Karen :D These cookies are as sweet as lovely as you are kind and generous!! Thank you so very much! Such a sweet and wonderful surprise on this Monday morning! I could not ask for a better group of friends and it truly amazes me each day what wonderful bonds we have built through sugar!
    Thanks for letting the girls eat them for me, I still need to fit into one more dress :D

  5. I absolutely love those Hello Kitty themed cookies!

  6. Karen these are so cute! And congratulations to the bride and groom ;)

  7. They are so SWEET! I just love your bride and groom :)

  8. Karen, these are fantastic! Just love them.....the design, the colors, everything!

  9. I love the bride and groom in the car! So so cute Karen. Great blog! -NatSweets

  10. It was so sweet of you guys to throw a virtual baby shower! These cookies are all so cute! She must have loved them :)

  11. Your cookies for Samantha are spectacular! Such cute ideas Karen.

  12. I love all your pages. My Granny's Pecan Pie is the favorite Dessert of all times.....