Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Treat Day Wednesday–Witch Fingers


Ok, as we fast approach the end of October, I’m trying to make fun Halloweeny treats.  Like these Witch Fingers. No baking required, which on a day like today is perfect!  You know the day, where you were suppose to run around with your head cut off only to find out that all your best laid plans have been sidelined because your child has a tooth emergency or potential tooth emergency.

You see Abby is seven and hasn’t lost her first tooth.  She fell as school in kindergarten and smacked her tooth which eventually went black.  The dentist said not to worry, it’ll just fall out early.  No so my friends, not so.  It actually did the opposite.  It went back to white and I think decided it was going to stay forever.  Good times. 

The next tooth that started to wiggle, over 3 months ago, has still stayed put and now the grown up tooth has come in behind it.  So off to the dentist this morning thinking they were going to pull the baby tooth. I mean all dentists try to get your for everything, but not so again.  Not only did he not pull the tooth he didn’t charge me for the visit and told Abby to start playing with it.  However, where I thought we’d have tears for pulling her tooth, Abby cried because she didn’t get her tooth pulled and had to go back to school.  I’m so mean!

So I wanted to make a treat day that didn’t require a whole lot of work or brain power.


The Halloween candy melts are now available in all the craft stores and so I got the black and the new Wilton neon green.  I used an ice cube tray I got last year and the Wilton Witch Finger cookie pan that a neighbour gave to me.

I think they turned out pretty cool! Using the two different colours really made them look cool, plus the air bubbles made the fingers look all scraggly!


Thanks for looking!


  1. Poor Abby having to go back to school and no pulled tooth to brag about. Hopefully it will come out soon.
    Your witch's fingers are totally gross but totally fun!

  2. cute - sorry about mr toothy not coming out!