Monday, October 7, 2013

My Most Recent Cookies!

I’ve been having fun lately since both girls are in school full time this year.  Also I’ve had lots of inspiration to make me go that extra mile.

I made these for my sister’s birthday as she’s a big halloweeny fan.  They also made it to #2 on Julia Usher’s Cookie Connection website this past week.  Super excited!


Then I made these for my dear friend Cindy’s bday.  She’s the biggest Pearl Jam fan I know.  We just spend a weekend in NYC.  I had planned to do NY themed cookies but then my husband suggested I do the album covers and I was super excited to give that a go.


Another friend Heather’s birthday was last week and I made her these fun flower cookies.


I got an email from a lady in Florida who had made cookies for her granddaughter but then their freezer died and the cookies were ruined, so I made her a quick fun flower cookie.


And then lastly I made these simple cookies to thank a friend’s mum who takes care of my kids.


These last ones show pretty much how I feel towards everyone who comes and reads my blog every day.  Because without you I wouldn’t be here!

Thanks for looking!!!!


  1. I'm so behind in blog reading and commenting:( Congratulations on the new job, I hope you are enjoying it as I'm sure they are delighted to have you on their staff. All these cookies and the group shown a few posts back are just fabulous. Easy to see why your sister's Halloween cookies made it to Julie Ushers list last week.

  2. I love every cookie on this page! The Halloween cookies are out of this world!!!!

  3. It would be impossible to pick a favorite out of these cookies!

  4. All the cookies are great but you really hit it out of the park with the Pearl Jam cookies!!

  5. I saw your Pearl Jam cookies. SUPER FABULOUS! Can we order them somehow?

    1. Hi there. You sure can. Just email me at