Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


I hadn’t planned a post today or about Dr. Seuss but yesterday I posted a poem on my Facebook page that I wrote to celebrate his birthday.  The poem was promptly stolen and used elsewhere as their own work and while I won’t point fingers here, because that’s not me, I wanted to share it with you.  I’m also going to share some of my favourite posted treats made by some pretty amazing people.

First the poem:

Today's the day we celebrate,
A cat, his hat and a man so great.
He gave us some strange fish and introduced the Who's,
An elephant named Horton plus Thing one and Thing Two.
But for me it's The Lorax and The Grinch that I could watch everyday,
So I thank you Dr Seuss on this your birthday!

and now on to the treats.  Please visit their facebook pages and share them some love,

First the cookies:

Yankee Girl Yummies


Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies


Chris’ Creative Confections


QTZIE Cupcakes


Sweet Dough


Sweet Ivy Confections


Sweet C’s Bake Shop


The Cakes!

Cakes by Kerrin


It’s A Piece of Cake!


The Royal Bakery


The Yellow Rose Cakery, LLC


The Fondant Flinger



Thank you Thank you to this man so great,
And to these artists who make these to celebrate.
You wow and awe me, each and every way,
So I honour you all here today!

****All photos are properties of their respective pages/creators and both poems are copyrighted to Trilogy Edibles.


  1. Love your poem! :-) What would growing up be with out Dr. Suess?

  2. Aww Karen...I'm so sorry to hear that your poem was stolen! That's so sad (and terrible). It was a lovely tribute to Dr. Seuss! Thank-you for including my cookies in your blog post! So sweet of you! Such a lovely way to celebrate the birthday of such an amazing author who has touched all of our lives. Bravo! Have a "sweet" day!
    Melody from Sweet Ivy Confections