Friday, August 12, 2011

Peanut Butter Pie for everyone!

Sorry for two posts in one day, please forgive me but this one had to be shared.


I’ve had a tough week, at least I thought so.  I can’t continue with my current business direction, my hip started to hurt again and have basically been a little home sick for Canada.   I didn’t realize how much some things affect me, especially when I get hurt.  I mean I’ve been hurt before, I mean really.  I’ve had IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and I’ve slipped a disc.  So why this more than other times? Probably because of the combination of the homesickness and finding out that I can’t continue with home backing.  Pity party of one please!

But then I read a post and then another and then another about something that happens everyday, a loss.  This time, however, it unfortunately rocked the world of a fellow blogger.  Jennie from In Jennie’s Kitchen, lost, very suddenly her other half.  Her husband died of a heart attack this past week and the online foodie community has come together at her request to make a Peanut Butter Pie.


At first the connection of all the peanut butter pies didn’t make sense.  I had read her post but in my selfishness, didn’t see her request.  Then I got up this morning and saw the overwhelming response! Then it hit me. 


In the grand scheme of things, I’m pouting over nothing. 

Rob gave me the morning off.  I dropped Abby at work and he took Rowan and told me to go to the gym! He knew what I needed even when I didn’t. I’m so grateful for him and for my girls.  You never realize it when you should, it’s only when you lose something do you truly appreciate those things around you or you watch someone else in pain.

I feel for Jennie.  I’m so sorry for her loss.  I can’t imagine what’s going on in her mind.  I don’t even know her and I wish I could take her pain away.

But I don’t make this pie for just her request.  I make it for everyone who’s lost someone or something they’ve loved so deeply.


Appreciate all that’s in your world!  Go hug your loved ones (2 and 4 legged!)

I’m going to!


Thanks for looking!


  1. A tragedy like Jennie's tends to put things in perspective. Lovely pie and a heartfelt post.

    I hope you feel better soon, and I'm sorry you are homesick. That's hard.

  2. I am not amazed by it but I am deeply moved by the huge outpouring of support for Jennifer and her family shown through the hundreds of pies and other desserts that are being baked in honor of her beloved Mikey. Thank you for baking yours and for your honest and heartfelt sentiments.

    I'm sorry that you are still having some pain and that you are homesick for Canada. I hope you can feel this hug that is just for you as you hug your loved ones a little harder today.

  3. I'm having a cry for you and for Jennifer...losing your partner is tragic and it is nice to see that many have rallied together to show there support in her time of need...Karen, I would not expect any less from you as a friend or fellow blogger to be there for support...I miss you and my condolences to Jennifer and her family...Canada misses you too, come visit soon. Viv

  4. I am so amazed at the outpouring of wishes that have been sent through something as simple as peanut butter pie. This is a great post.

  5. Great post. It's sad that it takes someone else's pain for us to realize that our lives are actually going pretty well. I love your attitude... life is rough, but it's only rougher if you spend all your time at your own pity party... enjoy the time you have with the people you love the most. I read a really great post today that your post reminded me of...