Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Treat Day Wednesday– More Jell-O fun

Treat Day Wednesday – Jello Fun

Ok, this is what I wanted to do…


and then I tried it. They ain’t as easy as I was lead to believe (really it was just me thinking it was easy and then I cut the oranges in the wrong direction…oops!)  Jell-O went everywhere and so a quick change of thought had to be made and I came up with these.   But aren’t those slices totally cool, I will attempt another day.


These are slightly more Christmassy! My mother gave me this pan last year and have yet to use it until now!  They turned out pretty cool. It’s the Wilton shaped cookie pan. I’m fairly sure they didn’t think Jell-O jigglers when they made this pan LOL.


Then I had some left over and used a mini muffin pan and made these…



To make super fast setting jigglers, use one small box of Jell-O mix with 2/3 cups boiling water.  Mix completely, making sure all sugar is dissolved and transfer to molds.  These were firm within a half hour.

Thanks for looking!


  1. now THIS is a great idea for jello fun!

  2. I love your Christmas jello molds and your little jello tree.

    Those orange slices are so neat. I hope you post when you try them again.