Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Day at Swank!


Yesterday I spent another super fun day at Swank Cake Design in Raleigh.  This time I learned about Jacobean applique. 

I love Swank classes!  Chuck and Wayne are so relaxed and the atmosphere is so welcoming, once you get past the fancy schmancy rest of the house.  They share a building with other wedding planners and all things wedding.  If I wasn’t already married, I know where my one stop shop would be!

Anyway, what I love most of all about the class, is that they will answer any question and share any recipe. They’ll tell you whatever you want to know and I love that about them. Nothing is a secret and when someone who is that talented and is so open, I tell all my friends!

swankjacobeancake              myjacobean

Learning how to do the applique was just the start of the class.  Best of all, I got to use something I’ve always wanted to try, the airbrush.  OMG so much fun.  Wayne offered to spray my flower for me, but hell no, I wanted to try that bad boy!  The food colour went on more things than my flower but ah well.  I also learned that I needed a few more things, like a ribbon cutter and also how to use my clay extruder properly (apparently dusting the gum paste/fondant with cornstarch/icing sugar before it goes in the tube makes it work better :))  Who knew!

The class was so great and I met some amazing ladies.  Karen from Sweet Tooth Temptations and the mother/daughter duo from Peacocks Stop Bakery.  I’m so awful with names, you can see why I only remembered one :)  Wait, thanks to Chuck (Jennifer and Bonnie)!


Anyway, if you can’t tell yet, I’m totally recommending classes from Swank Cake Design in Raleigh.  It’s an awesome way to learn new techniques and spend a Saturday afternoon.

Again, thanks to Chuck and Wayne.  I had a blast!

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  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Your cake looks perfect! I wish we had classed like that around here!

  2. That is stunning! You're a true artist Karen. :)

  3. My jaw hit the floor.

  4. You are an excellent student because your cake is absolutely stunning. You must have been so proud to bring it home after class.

  5. Thanks Karen, it was so nice to meet you. We really enjoyed spending the day with you and the other ladies. Wayne & Chuck are awesome and we'll be taking more classes!

  6. Oh my goodness-- Karen your cake IS AMAZING!!! Seriously, crazy amazing! I LOVE IT!!! Great job!

  7. wow!!!!Amazing!!You are very creative...
    Saw you @Mrs Fox Sweet Party...
    would like to invite you to Midweek Fiesta
    Decorating Challenge-Royal Icing

  8. That is gorgeous!! I've never really tried this technique but now you have me curious! I'd love it if you'd come link up at my party!

  9. just perfect! I love using an air brush, I so want one!

  10. Your cake was the #1 most viewed sweet and being featured today at Mrs Foxs Sweet Party :)