Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chocolate Brownie Fudge Bar with Chocolate Ganache

I have a confession…I love to host dinner parties.  So when Rob bought his birthday present, a new smoker, it was another great reason to have a few friends (or twenty) over to test it out!  I try to say we’ll do the main and everyone else bring sides potluck style but I just can’t stop myself.  You just never know, someone may forget, so I may over prepare.

This past weekend was no exception.  I had hummus with carrots and pistachio's for appys, watermelon skewers with a balsamic reduction and watermelon stars on sticks for the kids as a fresh side and of course we did four racks of ribs and a 10lb pork shoulder as the main. (sorry no pics)

Now you’re probably thinking, ok let’s hear about this fudge bar you teased us with in the post title.  ok ok!

I also believe that every good meal should have an equally good dessert and so do our guests.  When they saw the watermelon they immediately asked where the fattening alternative was.  They know me so well.

So I made this…


It’s a brownie layer covered by a fudge layer and then covered in a chocolate ganache coating.  Can I get a yes please??????  oh me please.  After I cut out the pieces for the pictures, I of course had to give it a taste test.  WELL…

I immediately texted Rob and told him he’d been replaced :)  LOL


Brownie recipe can be found here

Fudge recipe can be found here

Ganache recipe can be found here

Put it all together and enjoy!

Thanks for looking!


  1. YUM. Oh wow. Brownie, fudge, and ganache? My chocolate tooth just exploded. :)

  2. When you offer a fattening option dessert, you don't kid around! Love these ;)

  3. oh my these look rich and super chocolatey

  4. I'm actually not a big chocolate fan, but super fudgy brownies are my chocolate weakness. PLUS chocolate ganache on top? I think you just converted me to the brownie side.