Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Treat Day Wednesday–1st Day of Summer Cookies


Hi all!  Sorry I’ve been on a baking hiatus this past week because Rob’s been travelling with work and Abby is out of school for the summer, so my requirements have been elsewhere and it’s been freakish hot.  But since today is the first day of summer I felt it was a good enough reason to turn on the oven.

Nothing special today, just some fun cookies and I thought I’d try a tutorial.  I’m no Sugarbelle’s so bare with me :)

First I’d like to remind those who keep their ingredients in bins other than their initial packaging, PAY ATTENTION.  Why? you ask.  Well I made a batch of cookies the other day and after I added the flour the consistency was all off.  I used the remainder of the flour in the bin so had to open a new bag.  I used the new bag and finally got it to the right texture.  After I cleaned up and put everything away I noticed the small heavily smudge P on the container and then it hit me.  I grabbed the wrong bin and used powdered sugar instead of flour.  So I guess they were true sugar cookies.  Yes, it was a true blonde moment.  When I rolled some out and baked up a few, just to see, I got these.  And for the record, they are quite tasty but hardly kept their circle shape.


After I picked up my pride off the floor I made the correct dough.  Then I went to bed and started a fresh in the morning.

To make these funny faced suns you will need the following:

  • Large sun flower cutter
  • Size 1.5 and 2 tips
  • Yellow icing (piping and fill consistency)
  • Black icing (piping consistency)
  • Large Circle cutter & yellow edible marker (optional)

Step 1:  Cut, bake and cool cookies


Step 2:  Using the circle cutter, trace using the marker to mark off a circle in the centre of the cookie.  (I can’t draw a straight line, so I needed to cheat)


Step 3: Outline the circle and make the sun’s fingers, lets dry 20mins


Step 3: Fill circle then fingers and let dry 4 hrs



Step 4: Using the 1.5 tip, outline the sun and draw a funny face



Step 5: Dry cookies for overnight.


Happy first day of summer everyone, may your sun be smiling at you ;)


  1. I've done stuff like that before; doubled the butter in a sugar cookie recipe and not the flour - talk about not holding shape! The suns are adorable!

  2. I keep my baking supplies in glass storage jars with rubber rim seals. I made a point of writing BP and BS (sorry)on the rubber seals for baking powder and baking soda because I knew one day I would grab the wrong jar.
    Love your funny sunny faces and your ladybugs. Hooray for summer!

  3. These are so cute! And I bet your first batch wasn't too bad... was it? How funny!