Monday, September 3, 2012

FROSTED ANIMAL CRACKERS–guest post by the Partiologist

I am a seriously lucky person.  I have so many awesome bloggy friends and today’s guest post is by Kim from The Partiologist.  Kim has so many great ideas and just did some really awesome back to school treats.  The Insta-grams were my favourite. 
For those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting, HI! I'm Kim ~ "The Partiologist"!  
Today I'm helping out a sweet blogger friend Karen from Trilogy Edibles.  She makes super cute edibles and right now is a little under the weather and asked if I would be willing to do a guest post.  OF COURSE!  Poor thing has a cracked rib and totally needs to take care of herself - that's where I come in!  Not to fix the rib - just share a fun and yummy idea!
Remember when I made the animal crackers for the CIRCUS and told you I had lots more plans for these cookies?  Here is one of my other plans.  While making the circus cookies I decided to make some frosted animal crackers.  Only they're not animal shapes - they're baby shapes!
WOW!  I thought the plain Circus Animal Crackers were good, but adding the frosting made them OUTSTANDING! 
And with just a few simple steps they're finished!
I used the animal cracker recipe from Williams Sonoma HERE
(ANY small cookie cutter would work)
For the frosting I used white chocolate chips
Baked the baby crackers with tiny molds you can find HERE
Have your candy food coloring and sprinkles ready
Melt white chips in microwave safe bowl
Dip all the white and sprinkle with non-pareils before they dry
(Lay them face down in the candy melts to coat the tops and shake off the excess)
Add pink food color to the white
Dip all the remaining cookies in pink and add non-pareils
Perfect little Baby Shower party favors!
Make some LOTS today - I guarantee you'll love them!
They've got 'The Partiologist' Taste of Approval!
The Partiologist


See!!! what did I tell you?  Isn’t she awesome.  You totally should visit her website.  Thanks Kim!!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are adorable, and now I have a new blog to read. Yay!

  2. Makes me want to stock the pantry with boxes of animal crackers! Sweet :)