Saturday, September 1, 2012

THE LORAX PANCAKE BREAKFAST!!- Guest post by Sweetology

Ok, I have a small problem.  I slipped walking Abby to the bus stop this week and again re-injured my already cracked rib.  There may have been some profanities said!  Silently because both girls were with me and I’m really not that mom.  Anyway, I’ve asked some bloggy friends to help me out whilst I do as the doctor ordered and do nothing but sit and get better.  This is so not that easy, especially when you have two kids (4 and 7) and now two dogs (9yr and 10 weeks) as well as being a type A personality.  I have no problem leaving the cleaning alone but neglecting my blog is where I draw the line.

First up is the awesome Trish from Sweetology.  Trish is super sweet and so creative.  You totally need to head over and check her out. She always creates the most amazing treats and this is no exception!  So without further a do, I give you Trish!


Hello! This is Trish from Sweetology.

I am super happy to be here at Trilogy Edibles offering up a fun breakfast idea for your kiddos! I hope you get well soon Karen!! A broken rib sounds like an excellent reason to plop on the couch and eat a bag of Hostess Donettes while watching The Lorax!!

I say do it!!

I LOVE The Lorax Movie! It really had a great message.

That is why when my daughter had a friend stay over and they asked to watch The Lorax I was excited to say YES!!


The next morning as they finished the movie, I whipped up these Lorax inspired pancakes for a breakfast treat! They were surprised to see him staring back at them off their breakfast plate!

They were really easy to do.

The pancake was made with a mix and orange food coloring. I cut out the mustache, eyebrows and smile from a tortilla shell. For extra whimsy and yummy I added some whipped cream to his mustache. I found a template to cut and out and use for the face here.

With marshmallows cut in half for eyes (black edible marker for the eye ball, FYI)  & a pink M&M for his nose, we were ready to go!!!

I added the “trees” as a side at the last minute, so cute!!


Thanks again Karen at Trilogy Edibles…GET WELL SOON!!!

Trish from Sweetology


Thank you so much Trish, the Truffula trees are genius!  I’m also not sure how you knew my weakness of all weaknesses is mini powdered donuts?  Excellent idea indeed :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Karen, I hope you get well really soon, sounds very painful.
    Trish,what a wonderful breakfast and I love how you add all the features to his face and tree are fabulous, I love mandarines and pretzel sticks.

    1. Thanks Hani! I hope to get better soon too! I may need to make these for my kids this morning, or make Rob make them :)

  2. What FUN to be here!! Wishing you the BEST KAren!!!

  3. SO SO SO cute, Trish is the best.

    Karen, take care and heal fast and well! Do what your doctor ordered!

  4. Oh no--I'm sorry, Karen!! Get well soon! xo

    Trish--I love this!!

  5. I've seen some of the *sleep-over* treats on your site Trish and they were so creative. Now these Lorax pancakes make an appearance and more than ever I want to come for a sleepover at your house. Very cute idea.

    Karen ~ hope you are healing as well as can be expected.