Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Treat Day Wednesday–Rice Krispie Treat Truffula Trees


So when you are suppose to not do a whole lot of stuff and you are a Type A personality through and through, the two things don’t mesh well.  I’ve been good.  I’ve had some pretty amazing bloggers helping me out, however Treat Day is something only I can do.  So I went super easy this week and I had a super helper.  Rowan pretty much did most of the work, so it’s her treat day!

This week there was an awesome post by Trish from Sweetology about Lorax pancakes, so today I stayed with her theme and made these super easy Rice Krispie Treat Truffula Trees.  Now granted not everyone has fondant lying around, but here in casa del Bond/Bissett, we do.

I took RKT ready made squares and squished them into balls.  Then I cut the fondant into circles and Rowan wrapped them with the fondant.  Rowan then sprayed them with Wilton Spray colouring.  Tip, put parchment paper down before you spray, it kind of goes everywhere.

The girls loved them! and really that’s what Treat Day is all about!


Rowan went crazy and took all the pictures too!  Here is me, it’s way too up close but not bad for a 4 year old photog!


Then of course I turned the camera on her!


Thanks for looking!


  1. I guess your Doctor will forgive you for not following orders should he see this post! Great idea and Rowan is the perfect little helper, not to mention a budding little photographer :)

  2. Yummy! How cool she did it mostly herself. Feel better sweetie!