Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mario and Santino! Batman and Spiderman Cookies

My awesome friend Isabelle has two little boys that could not be more different and yet similar at the same time.  They are boys, so they love all things super hero!  But while Santino is a little bruiser, Mario is not.  Two of the cutest boys I know!

Now they live in Ottawa so we couldn’t pop up for their birthday party.  Isabelle asked what she could do for their cupcake toppers and I immediately offered up cookies.  Since their birthday’s are about a month apart, Isabelle decided to do a joint party.  Super Hero’s were the theme and more specifically Batman and Spiderman.  Here’s what I made!  and they even arrived in tact!

The faces!


Their logos!


A little retro cartoon accent cookies.


Cookies just for the boys!


I wanted to make a plaque cookie and wish them a Happy Birthday but I couldn’t pick just one hero, so I did both!


And here is a sample of them all!


Happy Birthday boys!  I hope you had the best party ever!

Thanks for looking!

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