Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Treat Day Wednesday–Honey Nut Cheerio Treats


Sorry I’m a bit late for this but I’ve had a few doctors appointments plus I got a back brace.  So never thought I’d be fitted for one of these, that is for sure!

But amongst all of that I still got to make the girls a treat for today.  I didn’t exactly use a lot of brain power on these but I definitely had a winner.


I bought these monstrous marshmallows from BJs last week for our street party. They are Campfire Giant Marshmallows, it’s like three marshmallows in one.  See, they are seriously huge!

Giant Marshmallow

I just made the traditional cereal treats but used Honey Nut Cheerios and added 1/4 of sprinkles into the mix. Et Voila!


I think the sprinkles add a little something special.  The girls really liked these and I really liked that I didn’t have to bend much to make them.  Not that the new brace allows for much bending.  I also have to say, sometimes the easiest treats are the best!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Your girls are lucky that their Mom still makes treats when her back is so bad. Hope the brace is helping.