Thursday, September 5, 2013


If you know what that means, then you know how I feel. 

My sister introduced me to Sherlock over Labour Day weekend.  I had just finished season 3 of Downton Abbey and was watching (for the third time) Star Trek Into Darkness.  She said if I loved the bad guy then I should watch Sherlock.  It wasn’t hard to give it a whirl as I love everything and all things BBC, including Top Gear.

So off to Amazon Prime I went and there it was, seasons 1 and 2.  Since I was on a “do nothing” order, I poured myself a cuppa and watched the first episode, A Study In Pink. A-MAZING!!!! Well I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.  I watched both seasons back to back.  Pitiful I know but since I had nothing else today but walk the dogs, I had some time to kill.

Anyway, why a blog post? Because I made cookies!  HA! of course I did. 


Go watch, you will thank me later!

Thanks for looking!