Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Magic Cookies and Mustaches–Not what you think :)

A friend asked if I’d make cookies for her nephew who was having a magic themed birthday.  The only request was they not be babyish.  He was six not a baby!

I scoured the internet for magic themed ideas but they were either very babyish or too scary, so I incorporated a little bit of both!


I had fun with stamping, painting and stenciling!

Next up was for our babysitter and all around awesome person, Alyssa.  She asked if I’d do her dad’s 60th birthday cake and cookies.  Chevrons and mustaches.  Cute!

They sent me the invite and I tried to do them justice.


First the cookies:


Next the cake:


Creating this cake became a comedy of errors.  We had our house up for sale and hadn’t had a showing in two weeks.  So, of course, we got one the day I was decorating the cake.  I had just finished ganache-ing this chocolate cherry cake when the text message came in giving me an hour and fifteen to get the house show ready.  So into the fridge it went.  I got the house ready, took the dogs for a walk, came back and pulled the cake back out to ice.  Then of course the door bell rang and the showing was rescheduled but they neglected to let me know.  Cake back into the fridge.  After they left I tried again and another text for another showing came in.  Cake back into the fridge.  The dogs and I are back out of the house, I picked up the girls at school and we went to get some ice cream as a treat.  Another text comes in from the showing people; they need to reschedule until tomorrow.  This was 45 minutes into the showing…are you kidding me?????  In the end I was up late finishing this cake because we now had showings for Saturday and the cake was to be picked up early afternoon.  I had originally wanted to put chevrons but didn’t like the way they looked, so I cut out some mini mustaches and added some dots. I used tappits for the letters. It turned out pretty cute but I wasn’t loving it until I got  this awesome email.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing cake and cookies.  That had to be THE BEST CAKE we have ever had...and it was really beautiful!  The cookies were a big hit too.”

Thank for looking!

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